As more women get in to the sport of mountain biking, more well-researched riding equipment is developed to cater for ladies’ bodies shapes and riding styles. Women’s riding is finally getting the attention it’s been begging for in years past.

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Girl Talk was a regular column on the women’s riding scene I wrote for Enduro Magazine.  The idea behind the writing was to move away from representations of women’s mountain biking as a pastel coloured phenomenon that happens on the edge of the sport, and show it how it is instead:  full of fears, fun, intelligent conversation and a whole community of riders to share new experiences with.

Copies of these articles are below as female riders newer to the sport still find them to be a handy point of reference. Click each image to enlarge.

Girl Talk Archive

“Summoning Up the Courage” looks at some of the early racing experiences of women riders, the fears that went with them and the reasons they keep coming back for more.

Over two separate issues we looked at some tips for bike fit, and for buying the right clothing and accessories first go, not fiftieth. This helps women to up their confidence, reduce injury, save some cash and increase the fun they have out on the trails.

In this issue of Enduro, Girl Talk looked at some of the positives women bring to the bike industry. The article also discussed what some of the barriers are that prevent more women following in their tracks.

“A Girl’s Day Out,” written with James Williamson, discusses the skills clinic boom and investigates some popular women’s clinics being held in Sydney and Melbourne.

“Getting in early.” What is encouraging school age biker girls to hit the trails? And what do they think will encourage more of their peers to do the same?

Gear chat with fast girls.  This article interviewed some of Australia’s most successful endurance mountain bike racers about the equipment modification they make to their bikes, and the reasons for doing so.

A brief comparison between some popular ladies’ saddle and bike short options.

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