I’m the type of rider who is reasonably quick simply due to enjoying the sport. I’ve been doing it for more than half my life and get twitchy if I don’t get outside regularly for a good, solid pedal. The riders I look up to are the ones that turn every trail into a playground full of possibilities. They’re not always the fastest from one end to the other, but their skills are dialled and laughter is never far away.

My first mountain bike race was in 2001. Since that time I’ve raced endurance, cross-country, marathon, teams and enduro mountain bike events, and dabbled in the odd road race. Highlights include racing in Italy with the MarathonMTB.com team in 2013, repeat visits to Rotorua, New Zealand to race in whatever format of mountain biking is most trendy at the time, top ten finishes at a national level and several wins at a state level.

Over the last couple of years it’s been destination and participation rides have come into their own, and I’ve enjoyed mixing these with writing and photography for various media.  Having spent a chunk of time sidelined with injury, I’m looking forward to hitting up some enduro and mountain bike stage races in 2017 and having a good solid pedal.

These images were shot as part of media projects, at events, and for photographers’ own portfolio work. To work with people as talented as this, on stories that inspire others to get out on their bikes and have fun, is a privilege and a thrill.