I bring a range of attributes to a diverse number of projects. I have the analytical and research abilities of an humanities academic. The joy for life of a mountain biker. The communication skills of a teacher. The articulate expression of writer. The creative eye of an original thinker.

In a world where people tend to rush from one thing to the next I enjoy sharing work that encourages others to pause for a second and reflect.

While the content here is linked under the theme of ‘me’, most of the work featured here points elsewhere. I communicate with a range of audiences about the experiences of many: magazines, journals, websites, conferences, university classrooms, fellow riders, employers, friends.

I write regular features, opinion pieces and product tests for global sports media. Recent publications include SBS Cycling Central, BikeRadar, Bike magazine (Australia), Women’s Health, Australian Mountain Bike, Flow Mountain Bike, Rapha, and Travel Play Live.

My work in the academic sector is unique for its pioneering and genuinely interdisciplinary research methods. The greatest strength of this work is the way it crosses traditional institutional and disciplinary boundaries, advancing conversations in both the humanities and the sciences.

Alongside my media work, I am employed as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Cognitive Science at Macquarie University working closely with Professor John Sutton, whose infectious enthusiasm for interdisciplinary approaches to interesting questions rivals my own. My research investigates skilled action and expert performance processes in cycling and circus arts. I have taught undergraduate students at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Communications students at the University of Technology Sydney, and was awarded a Faculty of Arts and Sciences Teaching Fellowship at the Department of Performance Studies at the University of Sydney, my educative home.

My professional interests have largely evolved due to my experiences as a cyclist. This sport offers a wealth of insights into the philosophical, anthropological aims of my work as an academic, and my skills developed through research provide an additional depth to my work as a journalist.

Please get in touch about future projects that draw upon the skills you see here too.

Image: Wayne Christensen