While the content on this site is linked under the theme of ‘me’, most of the work featured here points elsewhere. I communicate with a range of audiences about the experiences of many.

Portrait by Gaye Camm

I have worked for over ten years as a freelance communications professional, writing, producing and editing features, interviews, news, opinion pieces, photography, video, product tests and social media content for Australian and international sports and lifestyle media. Publications and companies have included Australian Mountain Bike, Bike magazine (Australia), Bike Radar, Eskapee, Flow Mountain Bike, Liv/Giant Sydney, Mountain Bike Suspension Centre, Outer Edge, Rapha, Real Insurance, SBS Australia (Special Broadcasting Services), Specialized Bicycles, Subaru, Tourism Tropical North Queensland, Travel Play Live and Women’s Health.

My work in the academic sector developed alongside my work in media. My media background keeps research outputs fresh, relevant, and well-suited to collaborations and consultations outside the university sector.

Behind-the-scenes: exploring the Trek Bicycles HQ at their inaugural Trek Global Women’s Summit in Wisconsin, USA. A privilege and a thrill to meet other female journalists and cyclists from around the world. Photo: Jeff Kennel
Testing the Specialized Stumpjumper at the global product launch in Ainsa, Spain, for Australian Mountain Bike.

I have over 14 years’ experience as an expertise researcher, working in and across cognitive science, performance studies and anthroplogy. My academic work is unique for its pioneering and interdisciplinary methods, which I use to examine skill acquisition and execution in high-pressure contexts and day-to-day life. This work crosses traditional institutional and disciplinary boundaries, advancing conversations in both the humanities and the sciences about the relations between thinking and doing in skilled performance.

I completed my PhD in Performance Studies at the University of Sydney in 2012. I have worked in part-time research roles at Macquarie University from 2014-2022, alongside my media work. This included a part-time postdoctoral fellowship in Cognitive Science, from 2018 – 2021, and a part-time Research Fellow position in the discipline of Anthropology from 2021 – 2022. Both these roles were with the transdisciplinary Cognitive Ecology and Microethnography Labs. I am an associate member of the university’s Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise and Training, and a member of the Centre for Cognition, Ageing and Wellbeing. I am also a member of the Australasian Skill Acquisition Network and the Australasian Society for Philosophy and Psychology.

I have worked in lecturing, tutoring and course coordination roles in Cognitive Science (Macquarie University), Performance Studies (University of Sydney), the National Institute of Dramatic Art, and Communications (University of Technology Sydney). I was awarded a prestigious Faculty of Arts and Sciences Teaching Fellowship at the University of Sydney.

My professional interests have largely evolved due to my experiences as a cyclist. This sport offers a wealth of insights into the philosophical, anthropological aims of my work as an academic, and my skills developed through research provide an additional depth to my work as a journalist. Each new project brings together unique perspectives on people, places and experiences. Over time a collection of stories, projects and subject matter expertise have developed that generate insights, appreciation and inspiration in others.

The media and research industries in Australia are characterised by short term projects and contracts, so I am often on the lookout for new work opportunities that draw on, and continue to develop, the skills and expertise described above. Please get in touch about future projects and collaborations that draw upon the skills you see here too.