This site brings together my work as an expertise researcher and media professional. I also share experiences and insights that underpin much of this work: writing on biking, stories from life.

Connecting these threads is a longstanding interest in the relationship between thinking and doing. How does what we do affect how we think? How do the ways we think shape what we do and experience? What do the connections between thinking and doing mean for you?

I bring a range of attributes to a diverse number of projects. I have the analytical and research abilities of a humanities scholar. The joy for life of a mountain biker. The communication skills of a teacher. The articulate expression of a writer. The creative eye of an original thinker.

My research training gives journalism work an edge. Writing for a general audience keeps academic outputs relevant and fresh.

Please get in touch about future projects or collaborations.

Out in February 2022!

This book is about joint intelligence in action. It brings together cutting-edge scholarship in performance studies, cognitive science, sociology, literature, anthropology, psychology, architecture, philosophy and sport science to ask how tightly knit collaboration works.

Blog: news, opinions, product tests, events, life.