This site brings together my work as an expertise researcher and communications professional. I share experiences and insights that underpin much of this work here too: writing on bikes, stories from life.

Thinking. Doing. Performance.

I am an expertise researcher, teacher, speaker and communications professional. I offer more than 14 years academic expertise in cognitive science, anthropology and performance studies and over a decade of experience as a journalist, copywriter, digital editor and content producer.

In a world where people are often told they should be different, better, or more than they already are, I enjoy creating a rich variety of content that encourages people to enjoy, support, and marvel at the bodies and minds they have.

Connecting these outputs is a longstanding interest in the relationship between thinking and doing. How does what we do affect how we think? How do the ways we think shape what we do and experience? What do the connections between thinking and doing mean for you?

I bring a range of attributes to a diverse number of projects. I have the analytical and research abilities of a humanities academic. The joy for life of a mountain biker. The communication skills of a teacher. The articulate expression of writer. The technical nous and curiosity of a Gen X-Yer. The creative eye of an original thinker.

Please contact me to discuss future projects or collaborations.

Out now!

This book is about joint intelligence in action. It brings together cutting-edge scholarship in performance studies, cognitive science, sociology, literature, anthropology, psychology, architecture, philosophy and sport science to ask how tightly knit collaboration works.

Blog: news, events, publications, product tests, life.

Research partnership: building the skills to overcome, or live well with, persisting pain via a (fascinating) digital health app

Our primary aims: 1. To understand the fine-grained lived experiences and associated skillsets that enable people to make decisions that allow them to successfully manage chronic pain. 2. To describe the ways in which patients are using the Brain Changer app that support or inhibit this.

Lighthouse Interview: the mental side of high-performance sport

This story was published on Macquarie University’s Lighthouse Website as part of Brain Awareness week and reflects the kinds of questions we ask, and research we get excited by, in the Cognitive Ecologies Lab in the University’s Department of Cognitive Science.


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