Trail therapy

I struggled last week. I’ve been patiently healing some injuries for the last 4+ years, and as part of this process I’ve learned about some systemic health conditions I never knew I had. Life has been incredible in many other ways during this period, but things have also been very challenging. My world got pretty small for a while. As I get stronger again it’s a privilege to choose what to fill each day with.

One of the best things I can do to keep my body working is cycling. It turns out I’ve been self-medicating since my teens. Last week though, was one of those weeks where managing everything – the daily rehab, the changes in diet, the changes in routine, the effort of it all, the lack of ease that comes with no longer throwing your cares into the wind – it all just got to me. I needed a mental break from it. I needed to get outside, to focus on something different (like each next corner), and have a tonne of fun.Continue reading “Trail therapy”


The Future of Cycling: Challenges and Possibilities symposium

On 1-2 October, a diverse collection of academics, industry, government, athletes and recreational riders will get together in Cambridge, New Zealand to talk about cycling. The Future of Cycling: Challenges and Possibilities symposium, hosted by the University of Waikato, will be held at the Avantidrome, New Zealand’s Home of Cycling. I describe this place to people on the Western Island as like the Australian Institute of Sport, but just for cyclists.Continue reading “The Future of Cycling: Challenges and Possibilities symposium”

Picture Perfect: Poster for the Giant 2W Enduro, Rotorua

2wI find it pretty difficult to stop smiling when I’m riding my bike, which is exactly how I like it. In this case, there were smiles aplenty due to steep and playful Rotorua trails, a well crafted event and an excellent crew to share it all with. Part of this crew also ended up on this poster for the next three events. It’s fair to say we’re doubly stoked about this year’s series. Continue reading “Picture Perfect: Poster for the Giant 2W Enduro, Rotorua”

Poster girl for the 2015 Australian Marathon Champs in Derby

The Blue Derby trails are home to the Australian Cross-Country Marathon Mountain Bike Championships on 16-17 May. All the extra best to everyone competing. Pedal hard, chew that stem, and don’t forget to look up every now and then to remember why you do it!

Thanks to Wade Lewis for going with this grinning girl shot when creating the event artwork. I wonder if it’s too late to book a ticket to Tassie?

Dance with the Devil - A5 Front


If you’re curious to see more images and some great video from these exciting new trails, have a look at this article on Flow Mountain Bike.