Research, media and industry collaborations are characterised by short-term, overlapping contracts, especially in Australia. Please submit the form below if you are interested in a new project, collaboration, commission or event. Chances are high that I’ll be excited to hear from you!

I’m particularly interested in flexible or freelance roles that fit around longer-term research goals. These include:

  • Industry collaborations and research partnerships expanding on my work with the Cognitive Ecologies and Microethnography Labs at Macquarie Unviersity;
  • Short-term or part-time research roles and projects, particularly in the areas of embodied cognition, skilled performance, human-technology interaction, digital health and wellbeing;
  • Equipment testing, user research and product consultation;
  • Public speaking and conference presentations;
  • Feature articles, interviews, opinion pieces, equipment tests for sports, lifestyle and health media;
  • Editing and copywriting; and
  • Lecturing, tutoring and course coordination.

Where relevant, please take the time to briefly outline the scope, timeline and budget or rate for your proposal. This will speed up the number of emails needed between finding out the when-how and getting stuck into some interesting new projects.

I’m based in Sydney for face-to-face work, but with Zoom, email and fast WiFi the rest of the world is only a mouse click away.

Thank you.