Get Into Riding!

Cycling is a sport which is fun and simple to integrate into daily life.  Mountain biking’s even better – you can get fit commuting to work or school during the week, and then hit up some adrenalin filled trails in your spare time.

If you don’t already have mates involved in the sport, the best place to go to find out more is a good local bike shop.  They can help you to get set up with the equipment you need and give you a heads up about where the best trails are in your area.

To get more out of the social and competitive sides to the sport contact your local cycling club.  Here you can find out about events and social rides, as well as other activities such as track work days and skills sessions.  A comprehensive list of Aussie clubs can be found at the Mountain Bike Australia website.

Australian Mountain Bike Clinics
are also worth a look if you are keen to build up your skills.  They host day long clinics in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  Depending on your skill level you can start with the basics, or learn quick race lines to help you beat the competition.  I have worked with this company to teach courses in the Sydney area.