Proud to be back with SBS Sport as a cross-platform producer and editor

I’m thrilled to share that I’m back working 1-2 days a week with SBS Sport digital team. I worked with this team from 2013-2018 before a complicated injury to my pelvis and sacrum meant I had to dramatically scale back my work capacity for a few years. During that time, I was beyond glad to continue working in research, slowly lifting my hours as my health became more robust again.

In returning to SBS, I’m not only proud to be working with a team I really admire and look up to, but I also feel a strong sense of pride and contentment for what this signifies about huge health gains over the last five years and the steps it’s taken to achieve them.

The digital team creates and curates content in whatever form we think will best reach different parts of our audience: articles, video, social, in-app, basically anything you consume on some kind of screen.

I arrived just in time to get skilled up before the Tour de France as a digital domestique. In addition to pumping out cross-platform content on the Tour itself, I’ve also enjoyed creating content that shares a bit about the expertise and passion of colleagues who are creating it.

If you’re someone who is interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes of work in media, you might enjoy these two articles:

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A lot has changed since I’ve been gone, but there is also a lot that is so welcoming in its familiarity: the rhythm of digital workflow routines, all kinds of stories to share from the sports world, and passionate, creative colleagues who are so motivated, collaborative and generous in their approach to content creation and distribution.

There is a much bigger focus now on video and on sports beyond, but still largely including, cycling and football. I’m thoroughly enjoying learning more about all of it.

To previous colleagues who are doing other things now: gee I miss you. I still draw on the many things I’ve learned from, and admire in, you all in roles outside of media as well. When it comes to article titles, subheaders, social media, and much more, one line that echos through my mind often is from my previous SBS supervisor Phil Gomes: ‘Just say what’s in the can.’

It’s such a joy to be opening up more cans again and sharing the contents that lie inside. I hope you enjoy some of this multi-platform content too.