Coolendel Race Weekend

Since about this time in 2007, the South Coast United Mountainbikers (SCUM) club have been holding a yearly weekend of mountain bike racing at the Coolendel resort, which is about 40 minutes out of Nowra.  This weekend’s riding included  an hour long race on Saturday, a couple of hours that night, and a four hour enduro the following day.

The Coolendel Race Weekend just breathed grass roots awesomeness.  With $5 race entry fees and simple but effective infrastructure, it had a vibe of mountain biking from ten years ago, only with heaps of families involved all enjoying the sport together.  There were wombats to be dodged, peacocks to admire and a cheer squad of glow sticked kids who made you feel amazing at the top of some pinchy hill climbs no matter how shattered you felt!

Between races I hung out in a spacious bunkhouse set up with the FTP Training crew and a few other ring-ins.  It was great to be surrounded by energetic people who are so pumped about the racing and training lifestyle.  Their attitudes are as infectious as the glow stick crew!