The Highland Fling

Judging by the way the Fling sold out in about 5 hours this year, it’s fair to say it’s become the must-do event on the local riding calendar.  I was super lucky to score an entry to the Full Fling (113kms) which was held in and around Bundanoon on Sunday.

I’ve been enjoying a break from tough racing since the end of the NSW State Series and was surprising myself during the lead up to this event at how pumped I was to get to the start line and have a solid hit out.  The day just kept getting better from there:  the track was awesome, my bike was awesome, the other riders were awesome, hydropack: awesome, tires: awesome, new knicks: awesome, inevitable flat spot during the middle of the race where you just want to go home and eat solid food:  well, not awesome, but nowhere near as bad as it could have been!  I rode so hard I wanted to spew a few times, but each time that happened, I just kept chugging down more Verofit, the lights came back on again, and everything seemed OK!

I crossed the line with a time that was about half and hour quicker than I was expecting and notched up 5th place in the elite women’s category.  I was aiming for 8th among a really solid field so am naturally feeling pretty over the moon!  Follow this link if you’re interested in reading other results (or to marvel at the massive amount of women riders who rocked up to this event) and to look at photos once they’ve been posted online.

The Highland Fling marked the last race on the Salsa which will be up for sale soon, so it was great to leave the event on such a high note.  The bike rode flawlessly and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from it during the race.  Plans are in place for some racey dual suspension action over the following year, so check back here for the juicy details when they arrive!