Fenner’s Total Performance

Fellow Enduro writer, Mark ‘Fenz’ Fenner (pictured above) is the brains behind FTP training – a sustainable approach to total racing domination which matches effective use of time out riding with a focus on the importance of proper recovery.  The idea here is that effective training can be balanced around work, study and play commitments.  This suits me to a T as I tend to need more recovery time than most riders and have a habit of burning out pretty quickly if I over-do the ks on the road.

Fenz took me on board during the lead up to the Highland Fling (after I managed to blow myself up before three of the four winter state rounds this year – although the riding was fun, it’s a little dissatisfying knowing you could stitch it together better to up the enjoyment even further).  So far I have heaps more energy on and off the bike, the training drills have reinvigorated the fun that was missing during midweek city-style rides, and my legs are starting to look like they actually belong to a cyclist – gotta be happy with that.  I also appreciate the chance to learn about more science-based approaches to the sport.

The photo above is from the Coolendel Race Weekend.  Fenner and Josh Carlson (long time FTP disciple, and the NSW men’s ’09 State Series champ) were fighting it out for the win in the 4 hour race that Sunday, until the windy conditions saw a tree fall on Fenz’ leg and he saw it fit to call it a day.  Good to see he was still all smiles during the event!  If you’re keen to read more, check out the FTP Training page or have a gander at Fenner’s Blog.