Enduro Issue 14

Issue 14 has landed!  There’s intriguing writing from cover to cover, photography that reflects the emotional memories and atmosphere the sport creates, and the fresh looking graphic design ups the class even further.

I enjoyed putting together an article for the Girl Talk section that looks at gear choices and bike mods which have helped some of Australia’s most consistent and successful female racers meet the physical and durational demands of day (or weekend) long races.  I also had the chance to cover the Highland Fling, which was a fun piece to write as it was nice to sit back and reflect on the different elements that made the weekend so rewarding and memorable (and tough!).

Other reading this issue includes a piece on the crew who keep the Shimano factory at the top of its game, interesting perspectives on several recent events, the historical story of the Karapoti Classic (which I didn’t realise until now had been going for 25 years), tales of two-wheeled tours and interviews with Russ Baker and newly crowned 100k champ, Murray Spink.

With so much going on in bike-land Issue 15 is already looking packed, but fortunately the time between release dates means time to catch up on reading, riding and a mass ingestion of Christmas pudding.