Long term thoughts: Vaude Women’s Spray Jacket

I thought I’d add another type of post to ye olde blog: a long term thoughts section. I’m pretty lucky to get the chance to ride with some really high quality gear, but when I read other people’s reports on such things, I’m often curious about what they think of them after a few solid months of riding, rather than leaving opinions rest at first impressions.

I first wrote about the Vaude Women’s Spray Jacket II (not to be confused with the I, which is also rad, but purple) back in June 2009.  I was pretty blown away by the fit at the time, and like all new waterproof jackets, it did it’s job with style.  Although the sleeves have softened a bit in their shape since this time (as you would expect) I’m still as dry as the morning newspaper on a hot summer’s day once I get to the other end of rides in stormy or drizzly weather.  Having been unable to find an affordable, small women’s MTB specific rain jacket over the several years I’ve been riding, the thing that I have found most impressive about this jacket is the confidence that comes with convenience.

It’s small size when rolled up means it’s never a drama to jam it in your pocket, or shove it into the corner of your backpack when the weather is looking uncertain.  And the design is so comfortable, that unlike larger, ill-fitting rain jackets, you can just put it on and forget about it.  It’s great for commuting as the bright colour seems to make cars slow down for you seconds earlier than usual, and it is great in a racing context when you don’t want bulky attire slowing you down.

So, in summary, I’m still as blown away with this jacket as I was the first day I tried it on.  I only wish something like this had been invented 15 years earlier!

Thanks to Lachlan Walden for the photos.