Merida Scultura EVO 907-com Road Bike

The 50cm frame looks small to most.

City living has meant a fair amount of time on the road, and a fair amount of time on the road means every now and then it comes time to get excited about that other type of bike! Enter the 2010 Merida Scultura EVO 907-com.  That’s quite a mouthful isn’t it?  It’s basically exactly the same bike as my old one, but with a better wheelset, newer frame technology and more red.

Out on the road, the 907 soaks up so much vibration from cracks in the surface, and corners with such grippy precision, that I’m left wondering if I took my full-sus mountain bike out by mistake.  It’s so light that you can literally pick it up with one finger, and Jeremy from the Bicycle Garage got the set up so spot on that on the first ride I felt more comfortable than I thought a person ever could on such a fast steed!  Finding new, longer routes through Sydney’s stunning landscapes has just become even more exciting.

Ultegra SLR means tidy front cables.
The ‘flex-stay’ technology keeps the handling predictable and accelleration quick.  Goodness gracious, is that dirt  on the chain already?
Kath-shaped and perfect. Just the way I like it!

Thanks enormously to the Bicycle Garage and Merida Australia for their support.  I appreciate it enormously and am grateful every time I even think about going for a ride!