AMBC Women’s MTB Camp

What goes on camp, stays on camp!! …But here are a few images to give a sense of the small skills that lead to big skills, and the stunning location where the camp was held (Del Rio Resort, near Wiseman’s Ferry about 1hr 45m North-West of Sydney).  There was much laughter, an all round increase in confidence and bike handling, a large coach:participant ratio, and Tomb Raider 2 was on TV to reward us for our efforts on Saturday night.  A great recipe for a fun weekend all round!

You can corner fast, but can you corner slow?
Mastering slow riding skills builds up confidence for scoping out technical sections on trails and keeping your balance without having to take your foot off the pedal.  Ali did this like she’d been doing it for years!
What scary log? I don’t see any scary logs!
Susan and Kim took the intermediate/advanced group on the second day of the camp.
Start small, build up to knarly! Shelley shows us how it’s done as Robyn stands armed with words of motivation, and last minute body position reminders.
Lunch anyone? Play and sunshine makes for hungry riders.
We were all still standing by the end of the camp! And balance had improved dramatically!

For more info, and upcoming news about any future camps, check out the Australian Mountain Bike Clinics website.