Vaude Race Light Saddle Bag

I want to start this post with a quick spot the difference. One saddlebag is about four years old, the other has been installed for about four minutes:

Race Light 1
Race Light 2

Pretty impressive don’t you think?  Aside from some dust and a couple of small tears, the original Race Light saddlebag has outlasted three bikes and three or four saddles. In fact, the only reason I replaced it was so that it could spend some time on the commuter bike, checking out Sydney’s urban sites for a while.

It fits all the essentials with room to spare.

What I like about this bag is that if fits everything you need, with out any fuss.  While some racers opt for electrical tape as a way of keeping their spares together, I personally prefer the mud protection and quicker operation of the Race Light. Besides, it weighs about as much as my little finger, so it’s hardly a weight disadvantage.

The new model is constructed of the same tough but light fabrics as the original and retains the same streamlined shape. It also includes an extra inner compartment, and the reflective Vaude logo section on the rear now enables a blinky light to be slipped through the material. The bag featured is the medium size that works well for carrying mountain bike spares, although I find the small size more than adequate for the road. It’s also available in red and black although given how long the first one has lasted, it might be a while until I find out whether red really is faster.

Photos: Kath Bicknell