Science In Sport Nutrition

My stomach is a bit fickle when it comes to specialised race nutrition products. Some energy gels get me out of a hole and around a course in record speed, whilst others – even others that fellow riders swear by – don’t seem to react with my system at all. Fortunately team nutrition sponsor, Science In Sport (SIS), are in the first category. I gave these products a good run before committing to using them as it’s never a good idea to promote something you don’t believe in.  Especially if that something is as important as nutrition.

Alongside the importance of responding to race food, is enjoying the taste and having a reliable way to re-stock supplies when the pantry gets empty. One way that SIS helps athletes to take care of the first two priorities is through a cost effective energy sample pack (above), or individual gel, bar, and drink sachets.  You can test what works for you before ordering larger quantities. Their online ordering system is quick and efficient taking care of the third priority, and if your local bike shop stocks the brand, picking up more common items will be even quicker.

I like that the gels have a cordial-like consistency making them easy to swallow on the run (who ever says ‘no’ to cordial?), and that the bars come in a smaller size option. I normally only chow down half a regular size bar at time, so the 40gm option is much neater and healthier than stashing the extra half in my jersey pocket for the next hour or two on the trails. There are also gels with caffeine, and gels without, which means you can tailor your caffeine intake to individual preferences and tolerance levels.

The electrolyte energy drink has also become a fave. Like all good energy drinks, it tastes best when you need it and kind of sciencey when you don’t. The SIS biddons contain measuring marks for different drink types on the side of the bottle. When you order the drink mix in bulk, the large bottle-shaped container means you can quickly shake in what you need. It’s a nice alternative to mucking around with measuring scoops that don’t fit neatly in the open end of your biddon and the sticky, powdery spillages that are often the result.

Thank you to SIS for their continued support of the race team.  I ordered a box load of extra supplies this week and was pretty excited when they only took two days to arrive. I was looking forward to gobbling them down at the James Williamson Enduro Challenge this Sunday, but the race has been postponed so the soggy roads don’t gobble up everyone’s cars instead.  Hopefully I can hold off too much further testing so I have some goods left for the upcoming Mont 24.