Enduro – Issue 22

What I enjoyed most about picking up the new issue of Enduro was how excited I felt discovering new content as I moved from cover to cover. There are so many stories from the last six months of racing, a huge collection of interviews and a stack of product tests – all of which speak volumes about this thriving mountain bike scene and the different characters involved. There is only one article from me this time: two interviews following the Ingerreke Commercial MTB Enduro with Alice Springs locals Paul Darvodelsky and Jess Harries.

I have learned so much writing and editing content for this magazine over the last few years but the time came to step back and see how and where I could take that experience and keep learning more. The chance to race and write in Alice Springs topped off a whole stack of exciting and challenging days on the bike that working for the mag has enabled too. Thanks guys for the journey. I look forward to seeing how the mag continues to develop and feeling that new issue excitement when the next one lands as well.