HCreations Captures the Subaru-MarathonMTB.com Team

Adam McGrath at HCreations Photography throws bucket loads of enthusiasm, passion, and a keen, reflective insight at just about any task he takes on. His company specialises in photography and pre-press and is responsible for a growing number of vibrant images spanning just about every topic area you can think of. Head over to his portfolio to have a look at the diverse range of images for yourself, or search for the company on Facebook to watch other projects as they unfold.

A keen bike rider, Adam is also known for shredding the Canberra trails, racing tough events like solo 24s (not once, but multiple times to prove the first result wasn’t a fluke), and sharing chilled laughter and excited bike talk inside the Swell Design Group tent during teams events.

Thanks so much to HCreations for this selection of images of the Subaru-MarathonMTB.com team from the Australian MTB Marathon Champs. They capture the flow of the day nicely and give a sense of calm to the frantic experience of race days.

Even bigger thanks for all the heckling out on the course while creating these images. All the laughter with mates pre, post and during the event is one of my favourite parts of racing.

What's your pre-race ritual?
What’s your pre-race ritual?
Mike Blewitt ponders the morning's Twitter feed.
Mike Blewitt ponders the morning’s Twitter feed.
The Stromlo trails were in primo condition.
The Stromlo trails were in primo condition.
Blewitt takes the smooth line in.
Blewitt takes the smooth line in.
New growth transforms the trails.
New trees transform the trails.
Graeme Arnott flattens the climb.
Graeme Arnott flattens the climb.
Good day for bike riding? YES!
Good day for bikes? YES!

Photos: Adam McGrath