Flow Mountain Bike Magazine – Issue 2

flow 2 cover

Flow’s second print issue hits stands today. I love how rich and varied the content is, and how much it builds on the last issue. Most of all I’m excited by how the magazine makes me feel as a mountain biker.

On top of the high production qualities, evocative images and sophisticated writing, it also speaks volumes about the history, present and future of this sport. There’s a series of interviews with three inspiring people who have dramatically shaped Australian mountain biking, an insightful piece about the long development of the Canberra trail network and its coming of age, and a story on the recent Bikes and Brews tour to Victoria’s high country which made me laugh out loud.

From me, there’s a column, and a selection of interviews I really enjoyed writing up with riders we met up with on the Victorian trails. There’s also a piece on psychological states of flow that takes my academic work and puts it in conversation with life on the dirt.

If you haven’t checked the website in a while, there’s a heap of new content on there too. Enjoy the read!