Fancy a Run?

In a nice example of cross-pollination between running and mountain biking, enjoying events and promoting them, an image from this website has formed the backdrop for an advertisement for the upcoming Wingello Trail Classic.

Wingello Trail Classic

The Trail Classic will raise money for the Wingello Rural Fire Brigade and help to fund young guns in Junior Athletics. It also looks to be a super fun and well-run event – particularly if you like running, or the idea of working up to a challenging goal and a high-energy day out in a beautiful part of the world.

Thank you to Chris Ord, Editor and Publisher of Trail Run Magazine, for taking the time to ask permission to use the image. It may seem like a simple thing to those working outside the media world, but professionalism like this goes a long way.*

For more info on the event head over to the Wingello Trail Classic website. The image was taken at the Wingello State Forest campground the morning before the inaugural James Williamson Enduro Challenge event in 2011.


*I’ve seen a quite a few images from my site appearing anonymously on the websites of other mountain bikers. While it’s nice to see that people are promoting the sport (or their involvement in it) it’s disappointing and disheartening when the same people don’t recognise the time and work that others put into these things as well. I mean, given that individual success in a sport like mountain biking – and I imagine trail running as well – relies so highly on the kindness of many others, wouldn’t you rather build relationships than simply expect the same kindnesses will be there next time as well?