Flow Mountain Bike Magazine – Issue 4

Flow 4 started arriving in mail boxes, newsagents, workplaces and living rooms a week or so ago now. Since then, I’ve been watching the social media trail as people share images and thoughts on what they’re enjoying in the new issue.

flow 4 cover

It’s so motivating to see people share their enjoyment of a print magazine with the broader mountain biking community. Seeing people’s reactions – through comments, tweets, shares, images – buoys me up so much as a contributor. I used to have to wait until huge bike events to hear what this many people are and aren’t enjoying in a new publication. Thanks Flow Mega Frothers – we love your work too!

The support of the team behind the mag and the way they constantly encourage me to extend myself as a contributor makes me feel proud to be involved as well. This issue I interviewed Peta Mullens and enjoyed the chance to use this piece to comment on the women’s marathon and XC racing scene more broadly. I penned a column on negativity (cheer up everyone, riding bikes is good fun). I joined a team of riders who traveled to South Africa for the Nedbank Sani2c and distilled it’s size, scale and impact into 1600 words. Contributing images to these stories has pushed me to think in new ways too.

I also developed an article on the ties between what we see in people’s personalities on the bike and what they bring with them to the workplace. I love the images in this last one – it’s so refreshing to see a feature that’s on life beyond just the riding.

The rest of the mag is pumping too. A theme on the value of mountain biking to regional communities comes through quite strongly and this issue includes topical bike reviews for the first time too. The Flow team as a whole is pretty proud of this one – we hope you enjoy it as well.

day jobs - flow 4

If you’re keen to receive issue five before it hits the newsagent shelves, the current subscription offer is a no brainer. Website content is now free to view too. Get stuck in!