Let’s Talk About You

The feature interview: It’s one of my favourite types of article to write. It’s also one that draws most on my academic work as an ethnographer – writing about people in a way that reveals how they make sense of the things they do. I also enjoy this format of writing as a way to offer a stepped-back sense of perspective on other topical issues at the time of publication.

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A recent interview with Peta Mullens provided a chance to talk about the Australian women’s marathon and cross-country scene in an international context. Interviewing Bec Henderson and Dan McConnell about their Olympic experiences in 2012 provided insights into life on the World Cup circuit as a privateer.

Other times, it’s nice to let interviewees do the all the talking. I used this format recently when developing an article with four accomplished riders about their day jobs. I find it strange that bike magazines talk so much about one part of riders lives without really getting into how much that’s shaped by other parts.

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