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As part of an expanding portfolio of web writing I’ve been working with the Australian Bike Radar team. The .au site launched last year and is an important part of the global Bike Radar reach. Articles on this site go out to an audience of a size I find hard to fathom…no wonder predictions for the future consider the internet on par with the way we think of electricity today.

I admit to having a soft spot for nice materials and fabric technologies.
I admit to having a soft spot for nice materials and new fabric technologies.

If you Google most cycling equipment you’ll find countless opinions and reviews. If you Google women’s cycling equipment, you’ll typically find an article or two and product information from the manufacturer. I’ve been working with Bike Radar as one of a few women’s equipment testers to reduce this (frustrating, annoying and worrying) gap.

Rainy day poetry from Rapha.
Rainy day poetry from Rapha.

I’ve written about and tested products for a lot of mountain bike media in recent years. With Bike Radar I’m enjoying the chance to test products typically aimed at more of a road riding market. I’m hoping to test some women’s road bikes later in the year.

Follow these links to some initial work. And keep an eye on the Bike Radar website for ongoing articles and reviews by a global network of other contributors too.

Giordana Women’s Trade FR-C Jersey and Team Bibshorts
Giordana Women’s Body Clone FR-C short-sleeve jersey
Rapha Women’s Gilet
Rapha Women’s Rain Jacket
Rapha Women’s Classic Bibshorts
Rapha Women’s Souplesse Jersey
Rapha Women’s Lightweight Jersey

Images: Kath Bicknell