Tested: Levi’s Commuter Range

The expanding Commuter Range from Levi’s is a sign of just how big cycling is becoming. At the Future of Cycling Symposium held in Cambridge, New Zealand recently, it quickly became obvious that it’s not even possible to talk about cycling with a uniting narrative that pleases everyone involved. Different types of riders contrast in their attitudes, goals, motivations, senses of identity and values. They gravitate toward different equipment, facilities, events and apparel.



The Levi’s Commuter Range is aimed at people who use their bikes to get from A to B. It is also popular with those who identify with cycling as a lifestyle, and crave additional functionality out of their day-to-day wardrobe. Die-hard riders who want their jeans to magically feel and perform like their best Lycra will be disappointed, but that’s not what this range is about.



“The collection as a whole is remarkably clever. In addition to some bike specific pieces, Levi’s has taken popular items from its broader range and effectively worked in extra  functionality for riding around town.
“The pants have reflective tabs near the ankles and a high waist so you don’t reveal more than you mean to when reaching for the bars, and they’re designed to withstand the strain on fabric provided by riding.
“Jackets come down low at the back, have sleeves that still cover your wrists when your arms are extended, and include zips on the pockets so you don’t lose your valuables while flying freely through the city streets. Some jackets include stowaway hoods and, like the jeans, are designed to repel water.”


For a full overview and a gallery of key items from the men’s and women’s range follow this link to the recent review I wrote for BikeRadar with Australian Editor, David Rome. Due to the number of questions we’ve had about the jeans in particular, we will publish separate reviews on these after a longer period of use, so stay tuned!

Photos: David Rome and Kath Bicknell.