21 top tips for mountain bikers in Rotorua

Rotorua is a mountain biking paradise. A lush, volcanic landscape, world class trail building, iconic events, and a community that lives, breathes and celebrates all the good things that cycling offers. It’s no wonder people keep returning to this destination again and again. Myself included.

This time I wrote two articles for SBS Cycling Central while I was there. One is a list of local knowledge and intel on all the bike things you should consider while you’re in town. The other is a list of recommended activities for off the bike, because you can’t ride all the time. I’ve tried!

The alternate titles for these articles are:

Things I keep telling my bike friends when they mention they’re going to Rotorua.


A list of things you can tell your partner or family about so they’ll come with you, even if they don’t ride bikes (yet).

I hope you enjoy the writing, riding and relaxing!

Disclaimer: These articles were partially supported by Tourism New Zealand.

Photos: Kath Bicknell. Except the one where I’m riding a bike. That one’s by Gaye Camm.