Kath Bicknell


Enduro Issue 11

issue-111 Issue 11 is packed with more great stories, interviews and reviews.  It also has some new features including columns, a chat within the bike industry and a training Q & A with Aussie mountain biking legend, Mark Fenner.  I have a few pieces of writing in there too.

It’s out now at all good newsagents, or at your door if you subscribe.  Come on, you know you want to!


BMC Mountains-to-Beach

From March 1 to 6 I joined 171 other riders on a mission to get from Thredbo to Narooma in  fast, fun, dirt road style.  The views were amazing, and I’d like to do the whole thing again looking sideways as well as straight ahead.  The riding was broken into several stages over the week.  It was tough, but satisfying, and has given me renewed enthusiasm for wanting to get fit on the road bike in between techo sessions on the dirt.

More information and photos from the race can be found here.  It will be on again next year from Feb 28 to March 5.

**Update** I  wrote two longer articles on the race, which are a tad more informative than the highlights paragraph above.  This one was for Pedal Pushers Online, and this one was for Freewheel Magazine.