Kath Bicknell

“Good event Simon?” asked Simon’s mate on Facebook after the opening round of the Rocky Trail Entertainment #Enduro Rollercoaster Series. “Yeh definitely, had a good time, was like racing DH in the old days, everyone was nice and no attitudes,” came the reply. Read More


Traveling through Tropical North Queensland is an experience that remains with you forever. It’s rich in lush, jungle vegetation, iconic Australian creatures, and an expanding network of world class mountain bike trails; trails that have changed mountain biking on a global scale. Read More

Three weeks, three conferences and one interdisciplinary research day. Each gathering brought together academic thinkers from a diverse range of disciplinary backgrounds. Conversation was rich, ideas were shared generously, new working relationships were developed and momentum was built for a busy period of writing ahead. Read More


This word has become my standard reply to everything over the last few days. Not very articulate for a writer, but a result of adventure tourism leveling out my brain to a state of wide-eyed calm. Read More