Mates and Greats: the Giant 2W Enduro

Enduro; it’s just like riding with your mates. This is an expression people have been saying a lot over the last couple of years. And it is…provided your mates like riding the most technical trails in a given location, without much practice or padding. Riders have also shifted from a ‘no right bike’ mentality in the last two years to embracing whole new product lines of Enduro inspired trail bikes, helmets, packs, sticker kits and clothing so bright that road riders have resorted to wearing mostly black.Continue reading “Mates and Greats: the Giant 2W Enduro”


The secret’s in the burritos: Rocky Trail #Enduro – Killingworth

“Good event Simon?” asked Simon’s mate on Facebook after the opening round of the Rocky Trail Entertainment #Enduro Rollercoaster Series. “Yeh definitely, had a good time, was like racing DH in the old days, everyone was nice and no attitudes,” came the reply. Continue reading “The secret’s in the burritos: Rocky Trail #Enduro – Killingworth”