Kath Bicknell

Most of the recent stories on this website describe ways of getting to know a country, or countries, by bike. In 1998 I discovered France as a high school student. Saumur, a 30,000 person town in the Maine-et-Loire – an area known for beautiful wines, many old chateaus and small houses built into rockfaces – was my temporary home.

Do a Google Image surf of Saumur and you will almost exclusively see photos of this Chateau. (Here’s another one.)

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Research Pathways and the Humble PDF

There’s joke among fellow researchers that mocks the interest others have in their PhD thesis – a sustained piece of writing and investigation that cements a pathway into the academic world.  When submitting a hardbound copy to the university library, authors are advised to slip a $50 note into the pages of their work. If, in twenty or so year’s time, the money is still there, they will know that no one has even looked at it. While this might give rise to further laughter in the digital age, email, Google, forums and Adobe are making the research of many more accessible than ever before. Read More

One of the catch 22’s of mountain bike racing in Australia, is that sponsored riders are often riding around in poorer quality kit than enthusiast riders. The reasons for this are mostly due to factors like minimum order numbers, cost, manufacturing times and that the people who are doing the ordering aren’t necessarily the ones doing the racing. Fortunately, with a bigger range of affordable companies offering custom kit runs, things are starting to change.

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There’s something about writing a PhD that makes people around you fidget, then ask, “Is it OK if I, um, ask, um, how it’s going?” It surprises me that postgrad students are a culture of people that make the people around them feel like that.  And it surprises me even more that people sign up to a three or four year project and accept the fact that they’re going to feel horrible and anxious a lot of the time. Read More