Vaude Sponsorship

I have been using Vaude products for a while now and am excited to formally welcome them as support.

Vaude offer a practical, award winning, well thought-out range of outdoor gear with a large number of products developed specifically for biking.  Their backpacks and hydropacks are perhaps their best known gear in this community – they’re comfortable, versatile and affordable, and demonstrate an attention to detail which has been fine tuned over a growing number of alternate styles.

Spray Jacket II

I will also be using the sensibly named, Women’s Spray Jacket II to stay warm, dry and visible in the less-pleasant weather.  Being a smaller sized rider, it is often hard to find a waterproof rain jacket which is tight enough on the wrists to stop the cold air using your arms as a wind tunnel, and snug enough all round to offer practical riding in the pouring rain without huge amounts of wind drag slowing you down and cramping your style.  This women’s specific jacket hits the money on all levels, and folds up to the size of a sandwich once the sun comes back out.  At around 200gm it probably weighs about as much as a sandwich too.

For further detail on the Aussie Vaude range have a look around the Rusac Supplies website.  Products can be ordered through most bike and outdoor stores.

Photo:  Lachlan Walden