Jet Black/WSMTB 12 Hour

The WSMTB 12 Hour has been my favourite event on the MTB calander since I first discovered riding.  This year I teamed up with Gaye Camm to have a crack at the women’s pairs category.

Before the racing got underway, I taught a ‘racelines’ skills clinic, which gives people a chance to look at the track and practice it before hitting it at speed during their event.  It’s addictive and satisfying to watch people become visibly more confident and excited about the course, although I was a little worried about the lack of prep time it would leave before starting my own race.  Half an hour turned out to be heaps and I had the most fun first lap I can ever remember experiencing.  Gotta love a home track!

Thanks to Rob Parbery who pimped my ride.
Thanks to Rob Parbery who pimped my ride.

As the day wore on, legs grew tireder and transition chats grew longer until 2 laps into the night Gayes realised we had an 8 lap lead over second place.  Suddenly, enjoying the rest of the event under a pop-up, with Winmalee Pizza and a stack of local riding friends, felt like the most important, satisfying thing a person could do – although I hear a hard earned solo podium is also a bit of a thrill!

Congratulations to everyone who took part and thank you to Rocky Trail Entertainment who ran the event this year and put together another sleek and fun day out.  Give their website a click for results, other events and wandering animated ants.  A longer event report will be in the upcoming Enduro mag.