Adidas Supernova Sunglasses

If you like flicking through race photos (both locally and from around the world), you may notice that close fit, minimal design and unobstructed vision make the Adidas Eyewear Supernova shades a popular choice among top riders.  What you can’t see in the photos, is the vision these riders are getting with a lens designed to get rid of glare, while allowing enough light to pass through to give crisp, detailed vision – even in shady singletrack.

I first tried the Supernovas while reviewing them for Enduro magazine back in 2008.  Dry eyes and a strong contact lens prescription means I have a lot of trouble finding sunglasses that keep my go-fast vision up to the task at hand, as airflow in the wrong direction makes the contacts dry out and the world quickly resembles a bowl of vegetable soup.  Tasty perhaps, but not so good for your health on a rocky singletrack descent.  The Supernova’s close fitting eyepiece, coupled with three levels of adjustment at the arms has made them by far the most comfortable, high-performing frames I have raced in.

Thanks enormously to Adidas Eyewear for their generous support of the Merida Flight Centre Team and for furthering my Supernova addiction with a new set of sunnies in chrome and white.  If you’re curious to know more, check out the Adidas Eyewear website.  The retail-finder tab provides a good selection of local stockists.