Adidas Eyewear Hinges and New Lenses

I’ve written before about the Adidas Eyewear Supernova sunglasses, but what I didn’t realise at the time was how versatile and infinitely repairable frames from this company are.

I recently ordered an orange lens for my existing frames so I can still get better use out of them in rainy, foggy or other riding conditions with lower light.  They also sent me another lens to try which is provides a similar type of colour and contrast to the “LST active” lens that comes standard on these frames, only this one lets more light in.  This lens allows the same exceptional contrast of the darker one, but will be really useful coming into winter when the sunlight doesn’t have the super bright, trail glaring properties that it does in summer.

The orange, LST active and LST light lenses, and spare nose bridges.

Top model shades are a big investment and the price regularly puts people off given how easy it is to scratch a lens or break a frame.  For this reason, I was very pleased to find out that not only are replacement lenses quite affordable, but each individual part of these frames can also be replaced.  This includes the tiny hinge pieces that hold many different models together. I’ve broken a couple of sets of Evil Eye Pros in the past and thought they were beyond a simple repair.  It turns out the weak point is a small hinge in the arm piece, meaning these old favourites have now been restored.  I thought this was worth sharing as it was a surprise to me, and something other mountain bikers would also be keen to know.

Thanks again to Adidas Eyewear for supporting me, the Merida Flight Centre team and numerous other local and international riders.  Products like this make a huge difference to experiences out on the trails and the ongoing costs of any sporting addiction.

It’s hard to talk abstractly about lenses and trail vision, but the crisp definition the Adidas Eyewear shades provide out on the trails is a level above most other products I’ve tried in the past.  If I see you out at race, please ask to have a look through them if you want to see for yourself what I mean.