Western Sydney XC Series – Rd 3

Fiona Dick makes the tech bits look easy during the post-race social ride.

By the time I reached the rego queue for Sunday’s WSMTB club round, I was literally bursting with energy to race.  I’ve been spending long days in the computer room at uni recently followed by night rides on the wind trainer and it’s added up to make me feel like I haven’t raced in years. I’ve even been finding myself wondering if I’ll still know how to ride singletrack next time I see it!

The race attracted one of the best A Grade women’s fields the club series has had in a while and strong turn outs in other categories as well.  The biggest news of the day was decision to link together a loop that took in the regular trails in a reverse direction. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I had ridden close to 200 laps of this track in the regular direction over the years, so riding it backwards was the biggest thrill.  Corners had a whole new sense of flow, tough ups became fast downs and obstacles on the normal descents added some great technical challenges when hitting them from the other side. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole race I was having so much fun!

Newcastle’s Nicola Hogan led the women’s race from half way through the first lap and put some serious time into everyone else.  She’s on fire at the moment and it’s such a thrill to see so many ladies in the NSW women’s race scene lifting their pace.  I felt a bit fatigued, but once the lactic feeling cleared after the first lap, I had a great time racing and came a solid second.

Our pies + ride crew: (L-R) Joe Ward, Gaye Camm, Kath Bickers, Spoony Armour, Rob Parbery, Fi Dick, Brian “Bigges Dogges” Price.

After the race I spent the afternoon eating and riding some other local trails with a great group of mates.  Not only was the this the perfect end to a brilliant day (and confirmation I haven’t left my tech skills in the computer lab after all), I realised later that all these people have played some huge roles in helping develop the ACT/NSW riding scene into what it is currently.  [Insert warm fuzzy feeling here and multiply it by renewed energy for a great week ahead.]