Goldsprints at the Galeries

Nick Both keeps his food down in the early heats.

If you missed the Rawhyde Roller Racing at this year’s Mont 24 Hour race, then get yourself into the Galeries on George St!  The Goldsprints are taking place on Thursdays from 6-9, with elimination style heats culminating with a grand final sprint-fest on August 12.

The set up.

Rider’s compete head-to-head to see who can ride a virtual 500m in the fastest time.  Cycle-couriers, trackies, mountain bikers and BMXers made for a vocal, enthusiastic crowd as adrenalin pumped and legs pedaled so fast I wondered how they remained attached to hip sockets and toe clips.

Rob Parbery psyched out the opposition with an un-rider-like trouser and shirt combo.
The large screen tells riders and the crowd how much pain is left.

In the women’s race I pedaled so hard in 29 short seconds that I reached a whole new level of ‘can’t stand up, legs failing’ but it was enough to win a cool t-shirt. I spent the rest of the night laughing and cheering so hard that I’d go back again just for that alone!  Nick won his round, Rob missed the final after a scissors, paper, rock misfire, and all three of us got trendy spoke cards just for entering.  Bring on next week!  Are you in?

For more info, and way better photos, check out the Galeries website.

The aftermath!