Goldsprints Revisited

After the fun had at last weeks Goldsprints, a small crew of mountain bikers let loose at the Galeries on George St for another race against the clock (and each other, not that we’re competitive people….)

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Rob Parbery missed his ticket to the final again, but we think that may have more to do with a 200km overnight ride on a singlespeed last weekend than any lack of form.  Craig ‘Spoon Boy’ Armour knocked Parbs out of the comp in Round 1, but had his work cut out for him in Round 2.  Next week Spoon.  Track legend Gavin White set a new record, breaking 22 seconds and making everyone else realise they don’t stand a chance in the grand final on August 12.

Lindsay Gorrell and I went head to head in an exciting final in the women’s heat, with Lindsay making a fast comeback from behind in the final third.  I reckon she would have won it if the race was 750m rather than 500m, she’s frighteningly fast once any normal person is reeling from the onslaught of lactic acid.

If you’re in the city next Thursday night, get your spinning legs ready, your cheering muscles warmed up and swing by to check out the action!

Thanks to Rob Parbery for the photos.