Adidas Supernova Clear Lenses

It is fair to say I am a Supernova addict. The frames fit really well, have three degrees of adjustablity at the arms to suit different face shapes or wind conditions, they weigh next to nothing, and continue to out-perform any other sports glasses my contact lenses and I have ever spent time with.

Thank you to Adidas Eyewear Australia for sending me a clear lens (and bonus silicone nose piece) for my Supernova frames.  I originally wished for a set of clear lenses for use during endurance races like the Jet Black 12 Hour, or the CORC 6+6 Hour that go well into the evening (or restart before I would normally be out of bed), and for some of the teams 24 hour races I do each year.  When the sky has gotten dark in the past, it’s been time for me to switch out my contacts for a set of standard spectacles, not always an ideal scenario when racing solo or in conditions that can cause expensive prescription frames to fog up or get damaged.

The clear lens appears to simply be a shield, so I was surprised to discover that they sharpen my vision when compared to no lens at all. Given how nice these sports lenses are to use, I have a feeling they are also going to come in handy on early morning road rides as well.  They obviously have their advantages in other weather conditions too as demonstrated by Irina Kalentieva who raced in this frame and lens combo at Mt Stromlo on her way to her 2009 World Championship win. Wouldn’t it be great it something so simple could grant us all a similar racing ability!