Adidas Tapei Fashion Shades

Like a good fitting pair of jeans, or a great hair cut, a set of fashion sunglasses allow you to wear almost any old combination of clothes and look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to style.

Given my hair has a close relationship with my helmet, and it’s too hot for jeans in summer, the arrival of a stylin’ set of Adidas Eyewear Tapei shades couldn’t have been better timing!

The Tapei come in three frame and lens combos which can be seen here.  I was attracted to the black frame as the dark lens soaks up that extra bit of harsh summer light that my trail-brightening race sunglasses do not. They’re simple, comfortable, look the goods and make an old t-shirt and pair of shorts look like they were bought at a boutique – definite value for money!

Adidas Eyewear are a brand normally associated with high-performance sports eyewear, but the company have a fast-growing range of moderately priced, trendy casual shades hitting Australian shores as well.  If you’re interested to know more check out the range online or locate some to try on using the retail finder on the company’s website.