DIY MTB Support

DIY MTB are the Aussie importers for a wide range of go fast (or go longer) parts including X-Fusion forks, Hygia brakes and Enduro bearings and seals.  They are also the go to (or mail to) place for suspension servicing. Duncan Miller at DIY has been looking after my shocks for years and it’s great to be able to formally welcome the company as support.

A keen curiosity to pull apart any brand of fork or rear shock (and a keen rider himself) also means that Duncan has a way of simply explaining the technical differences between different models of suspension and answering any questions I have about adjustment or fine tuning. In this way the support from DIY MTB not only means a quick response time when I blow a seal, or things just aren’t working how they used to anymore, but also means I can learn how to set my suspension up to get the most out of it for my weight, riding style and the types of racing I enjoy.

Dunc-man’s hydropack shows a genuine love of days on the bike. Photo: Kath B.

In addition to supporting riders to get the most out of their bikes, Duncan is also one of those people the mountain bike community is lucky to have on board.  A regular rider, racer, trail builder and volunteer means that, like many other people our sport relies upon, his roles are many. He is currently working hard with NSWMTB and the SCUM mountain bike club to host the 2011 NSW State XC Champs in Nowra at the end of the month. The racing will only cost $15 a hit, or $10 for juniors, so consider coming along – it should be a really fun day.  And if your forks are feeling sticky or there’s oil somewhere it shouldn’t be, consider giving DIY MTB a call for personalised service and advice. No point having good equipment if you don’t know how to get the most out of it.