Fundraise for MS

Some people say you should do something every day that scares you.  I kind of prefer to think of that statement as something that inspires you (but might sometimes feel a bit out of reach).  Today I did both.  I opened an email, crapped my pants, and entered the Sydney to Gong ride.

The Gong ride has been going for 30 years now.  It’s a 90km journey with a 10,000 rider cap.  10,000.  That’s the cut off for how many riders will take to the roads on November 6.  I find this alone inspiring and fill in the idea of it with memories of countless conversations I’ve had with people who have been grinning ear to ear after taking part. It’s pretty cool gaining a renewed perspective on what your body can do.

Not that Gong riding is about racing, or even mountain biking, but the email I opened did up the challenge stakes a little further.  A crew from my local bike shop, the Bicycle Garage, will be meeting in Lilyfield, towing each other to the Gong, catching a train up the big hill to Waterfall and eating (a lot) at Sutherland before pedaling the return journey home. I’ve been told this is roughly 140km but I can stay on the return train all the way to Central if I’m broken (road bikes are involved after all which is code for a pace that is not one’s own and an absence of singletrack).

In addition to encouraging 10,000 people to spend the day on their bikes, the Gong ride is a hugely successful fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis. Each participant is asked to fundraise $250 which will form part of $4.5 million that assists people living with MS. If you are interested in supporting this cause or this event, please click the following link to make a donation:

There are a lot of important causes out there, a lot of people fundraising money to assist them and a huge number of people whose lives are changed due to the support they receive in return. If this one is one that strikes a cord with you, please consider making a donation.  I doubt it will scare you, but hopefully it inspires!