Bill + The Bike Park

The rumours are true.  Sydney has a mountain bike park, and it’s not just any mountain bike park: it flows, challenges, encourages and inspires.  And if that’s not enough, the contrast of the white, banked turns with the lush greenery of Ku-ring-ai Chase National Park is a view that can make you forget to breathe.

While the park doesn’t officially open for another month, Bill Hatcher was keen to shoot the North Wahroonga trails and skills park in its shiney freshness. I was lucky to join Nic Learmonth and Melanie Bell last Sunday in front of the lens. A few photos are below that show the big, bermy XC track and the skills section located above it.

It was exciting to work with such an enthusiastic crew and I enjoyed watching and learning as Bill worked to set up each shot as he saw it in his mind. It was also a big lift to witness so many different types of riders enjoying the thrills, play and relaxation this location offers. The highlight for me was watching young kids ride their bikes up to the see-saw, then run with them over the obstacle, before repeating the process again.  Pure gold.

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For more info on the bike park, check out World Trail site,, and give these guys a huge thank you if you spot them digging one day.  I am currently fantasising about what life in Sydney would be like if another park this good opened up near a pie shop in the city.

(All images in this post are copyright to Bill Hatcher and used with permission.)