Adidas Eyewear Avignon Shades

You know you’ve hit the big time when you receive a set of high performance glasses for racing and a separate set for podiums and off bike use.  Needless to say I was bouncing out of my skin with excitement as I pulled these Adidas Eyewear Avignons out of the box to take them for a whirl! Not only do these shades pass the random-inner-city-Sydney-stranger-nod-of-smiling-approval test with flying colours, they also seem to look the goods on everyone.

The frame shape and good lens quality mean the Avignons are also very functional.  The high and wide lens shape provides excellent coverage and prevents overhead light from giving you the squints. The blue/grey lens colour is also well suited to everyday use.  It’s not too bright, not too dark, and comfortably limits any urban summer glare. The case is almost as trendy as the shades and comes with a glasses bag/lens cloth to keep your goods clean and protected when not in use.

The Avignons also encourage some spectacular holiday portraiture and helped me to channel Willy Wonka while building a gingerbread house over Christmas.  They’ll also mean my Supernova Pros will take less of a hammering off the bike allowing them to rest up between rides without any danger of getting scratched or showing premature signs of overuse.

Thank you again to Adidas Eyewear for their support and for encouraging great times off the bike as well as on it. Give the website a click for a full range of frames or follow Adidas Eyewear Austraila on Facebook to read about the large number of other Aussie riders this company are supporting.