Adidas Eyewear Supernova Pros

Adidas Eyewear’s Supernova Pros take all the good things about the standard Supernovas and add some extra Go Fast Factor.  Given how much fast people like to sweat in summer, the clip on sweat band is a welcome addition as is the more protective frame shape. This model comes with a LST (Light Stabilising Technology) Active lens which gives superior contrast in bright, shadey and dappled conditions and has been known to make other riders green with envy whenever I pass these glasses around for a test out on the trails.

The arms, lenses and nose pieces are compatible with the standard Supernovas and can be ordered separately if you have an unfortunate glasses destroying mishap or simply want to extend your collection.  Fortunately for me, as I’ve been wearing Adidas Eyewear for about five years now, my collection has become quite extensive indeed. It’s great to be able to continue to use my orange, clear and LST light lenses with this new set of petrol and white arms.

The case that comes with the Pros features a new section for clipping in spare arms and nose pieces. This reduces race bag bulk when carrying a variety of frame and lens options to the next big event. A head strap is also available to transform these shades into your new best friend for other sports like BASE jumping or cross-country skiing.  I was chatting with fellow Aussie XC racer, Rosie Barnes, just the other day about giving XC skiing a crack next winter.  Looks like I just found another reason to give it a go!

Thank you to Adidas Eyewear for their continued support heading into 2012.  My vision is not the best even with contact lenses, making it difficult to tell what’s a rut and what’s a rock, or if course markers are pointing left or right. The compatibility of these shades with corrective lenses is second to none and the heightened trail contrast from the LST Active lenses removes any effort associated with picking a smooth line in all singletrack conditions. The new frame shape keeps air flow from disrupting contact lens stability and the sweat band, in addition to channeling any salty signs of hard efforts sideways, prevents mud and other debris from catapulting through the top of the frame.  Speed, clearly, is about more than just your legs!