Flow Mountain Bike Website Goes Live

Have you ever been so excited about something it wakes you up while you sleep?  That’s how I’ve been feeling in anticipation of the Flow Mountain Bike website going live. And I’m not the only one.

The site, and the quarterly print magazine that runs alongside it, amassed 6,500 fans on Facebook just anticipating the launch. It’s fair to say that Flow fills a big gap in the Australian and New Zealand mountain bike media landscape that fans of the sport have been waiting to see built on for a while.

With a focus on things that the internet does well the site pulls together content in some fresh and exciting ways. So have a look around, join the Flow Crew, soak up the reading and images, and get involved by commenting on what you see, and sharing the news around.

Marvel at the innovative site design too. Swell Design have done a mind-blowing job on this front creating something sexy and stylin’ that’s easy to navigate, search, read and customize. The Flow Live page, which aggregates social media trends is particularly cool.

From my side of the computer screen, I’ve been enjoying – and inspired by – the chance to contribute content to the site and to learn from the talented crew involved in bringing it all to life. Flow Mountain Bike’s production qualities speak volumes about how much they value the processes involved in a project like this, the respect they have for their contributors and the passion for mountain biking shared by everyone on board. I’m as excited by the launch as I am about watching it grow and evolve.