On Joining the Team at SBS Cycling Central

In addition to my work for Flow Mountain Bike and as an academic, I’ve been working as a features writer, web editor and blogger for SBS Cycling Central. It’s great to see the national broadcaster keen to grow their mountain biking content and it’s fascinating for me to watch how the Cycling Central crew work on a diverse number of media projects.

How many gadgets does it take to record a podcast?
How many gadgets does it take to record a podcast?

Keep an eye on the SBS Cycling Central website for daily news, videos and opinion pieces on the national and international cycling scene. If you’re interested in following the opinion pieces I’ve been writing, this link will always take you to the most recent: www.sbs.com.au/cyclingcentral/kath-bicknell/blog/

Speaking of blogs, I might use this one to offer a small apology. It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site, the first time it’s undergone a state of neglect since I begun it in 2008. I started this project as a way to learn about web design in addition to publishing writing on races, equipment and a developing body of professional work. The work side has since taken off, meaning the posts on this site increasingly point to paid content for others, a very lucky position to be in.

It’s interesting to think that the work I’m doing here, now, didn’t even exist when I was at school choosing what to do when I grow up. Something worth thinking about when talking to others at a similar point in their own decision-making. Also something I keep in mind in my other work as a teacher, but more on that later.