Toward, and beyond, the Rapha Women’s 100

These special occasion rides draw people in, but it’s the friendships formed on regular weekly rides that have created continuity in between. A space has been created that’s free from suffering, anxiety or the (sometimes thrilling) effort to hold on. It’s not just happening in one location. The sense of connection that characterised Sunday’s ride is something that is laying its roots in several other cycling communities too.

A bit over a year ago, I joined the crew from the Rapha Cycle Club Sydney for their Festa Della Donna ride. This ride took scenic twists and turns through Sydney as a way of celebrating International Women’s Day.

Rides with the Rapha Women’s Friday crew have since become one of my favourite rides of the week. When the London based clothing company commissioned an article on the 2015 Festa Della Donna ride, I was excited to write it for two reasons. The first: so more people catch the contagious momentum that’s building toward, and beyond, the Rapha Women’s 100. The second: to say thanks to the ladies who are instrumental in making these rides such a happy thing to be part of.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.23.08 am

Click here to read the story from this year’s ride, and to see the beautiful imagery from Ben Cirulis (including those above) which brings the story to life.

The aim of the article was to connect stories from Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Hamilton, NZ as part of the lead up to the Rapha Women’s 100. This is a global event where women, connected through their local riding communities, Strava and social media, will aim to ride 100km on the 26th of July. 4000 ladies have already signed up. Are you one of them?

What riding means for women is changing rapidly right now. If you’re part of this transformation, enjoy it, celebrate it, and keep up the amazing work.