Writing and photography for Australian Mountain Bike

I love the excitement of ripping open a new print magazine. I also really enjoy the different types of writing and story telling magazines allow.

Australian Mountain Bike magazine have undergone a refresh recently. Each issue features a tonne of content that you won’t have already seen on Facebook or the internet. The team are setting a really high standard for the ways female riders are part of these stories, too – in images, as subject matter, as authors.

I’ve been contributing with words and photography over the last few issues: images from destinations and events, and a two page feature on Smithfield mountain bike park in Cairns. Another highlight was the time I photographed my bike while Editor, Mike Blewitt, kindly washed it for me. Thanks Mike! Love your work!

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Next time you’re at the newsagent, pick up the magazine and have a look. And keep you’re eye out for the review I wrote of the new Bell Super 2R helmet I wrote in the upcoming issue. I had fun with that one. So did our scruffy, golden dog, Ellie.