Picture Perfect: Poster for the Giant 2W Enduro, Rotorua

2wI find it pretty difficult to stop smiling when I’m riding my bike, which is exactly how I like it. In this case, there were smiles aplenty due to steep and playful Rotorua trails, a well crafted event and an excellent crew to share it all with. Part of this crew also ended up on this poster for the next three events. It’s fair to say we’re doubly stoked about this year’s series.

Like the writing says, the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro Series really is one of the most fun experiences you’ll ever have mountain biking. That’s one of the best things about mountain biking more broadly I reckon: the more you ride and seek out new experiences on the bike, the more you’ll swear that each topped the last. My favourite types of races provide a framework for those experiences to unfold.

If you’re heading to Rotorua in October, December or February, I recommend seeking this event out. You can read the story behind the smiles at the final round of last year’s series here.