Recent print publications…and why they make me feel proud

“Who do you work for?” people often ask.

“Everyone!” I reply. “I’m a writer for hire.”

One of the things I love about working as a freelance journalist is the variety of people and publications I get to work for and with, and engaging with the different audiences these types of communication allow.


As more editors and industry get in contact with me for the skills I have writing about cycling, I’m increasingly proud of the reach of this work, and the fact that I get to put my name to content I’m passionate about. This is something a lot of people working in other jobs don’t always have the luxury of doing.


Recent print publications include an article on La Course by Le Tour de France for Women’s Health Magazine, a review of the Cannondale Women’s Synapse 105 5 road bike for Bike Magazine, and an opinion piece, ‘Creating a New Normal’, on the Rapha Women’s 100 for the launch issue of Travel Play Live.

This link will take you to my most recent blogs for SBS Cycling Central and this one to product reviews and features for BikeRadar.

TPL-2I could include PDFs of these recent articles here, but they’ve been written to be shared over a coffee rather than a screen. If you’re interested in reading more, seek these magazines out at your local newsagent. Unlike content you’ll find via a social media feed or a Google search, you might be genuinely surprised and uplifted by what else you discover inside.

If you’re interested in commissioning a story, please get in touch.

Photos: Kath Bicknell