Reviewed: Trek Remedy 9.8 for Australian Mountain Bike

The Trek Remedy offers riders so many of the best things about mountain biking right now: an efficient suspension design that lets you ride just about anything, anywhere. A frame geometry that delivers super precise handling up front and, due longer than average chain stays, a very planted feeling at the rear. A wheel size (650b) that encourages playful riding and keeps you connected to feedback from the trail. And a parts list that feels like it’s been hand chosen for mountain bikers by mountain bikers.

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I recently tested the 9.8 model Remedy for Australian Mountain Bike magazine. This model comes with a carbon frame, and a reliable Shimano XT build.


…Trek’s reputation is not the primary reason I sought out the Remedy 9.8 to test. Given the opportunity to trial Shimano’s electronic Di2 XT group set (see page 92), I started with the things that mattered most to me in a bike and worked backwards: geometry, travel, a proven reliable parts list, and wheel size. The 150mm, 650b, XT specced Remedy 9.8 – which is longer, slacker, rowdier and burlier than its 2016 predecessor – not only ticked all the boxes, but also offered some interesting features that I was curious to learn about first hand. Trek describe it as “a mountain biker’s bike”.


…As another Remedy fan said during this test period, this is the bike you choose if you find yourself riding fast but a little too much out of control on something like the 29” Slash. Bigger wheeled, long travel bikes flatten things out and can isolate you from the trail a bit, which takes the fun out for some types of riders and reduces the sense of control for others. The Remedy certainly excels at speed but with more immediate trail feedback and responsive handling.

The full review was recently republished online. You can read it here.

One key change I made to the bike was to swap out the stock Bontrager Evoke 3 saddle with the Bontrager Ajna Pro Carbon saddle. You can read a separate review on this saddle here.

Photos by Tim Bardsley-Smith.

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